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Teach Yourself to Play Your Favourite Guitar Tabs

Ultimate Guitar Tabs – Red Backgr & Dark Red Guitar Players – Left

Teach Yourself to Play Guitar… Overnight!

Yes, Actually Playing Songs in Just ONE Lesson!


Dear Aspiring Musician,

No matter what your reason is for learning the guitar (to be in a band, write songs, impress
your girlfriend, become a rockstar, etc.) it is important that you choose the right method.

A method that will not only give you satisfying results, but also gives you the results you
want in the amount of time that you want!

Who wants to gruel over hours and hours of literature and practice extremely boring drills? Nobody.

In this day and age we want our results, and we want them NOW!

That is why I have written this short eBook titled Teach Yourself Guitar Overnight!”


Great, great, GREAT “how to get started” report… so much better than the other guitar eBooks I’ve seen. This is simple and do-able, precisely what a beginner needs. Your expertise and teaching ability shine through. Many thanks, Shane! Please let me know when part two is available, I definitely want to purchase that to go along with this. Jim Erskine
Homeway Press

An “eBook” is a book that you can download instantly and read right from your computer
screen without having to wait (or pay) for shipping! You can also always print it out too.

My intention was to take somebody who NEVER played the guitar in their life and
transform them into a guitar player, in ONE lesson.

I taught music for many years and I know ALL of the shortcuts and secret techniques that it takes to teach somebody guitar in just a few hours.

Many guitar teachers rely on their student to take lessons from them for long periods of time, in most cases it’s longer than 2 years!

They fill most of this time with what we like to call “fluff” which is like an unnecessary filler that just basically wastes everybody’s time and makes the teacher lots of money.

The same thing is done in a lot of areas of education.

In “Teach Yourself Guitar Overnight” you will find NO “fluff” whatsoever!

I cut straight to the point and jump into playing the guitar beginning at the moment you start reading.

From holding the guitar, all the way through playing your first song you won’t be able to
stop reading! A great part about this eBook is that it is so short, there is no way it can
take you more than an hour to read.

So what’s the secret?

Although that’s for the readers of this eBook to find out, I’ll tell you a few things here.

Guitar Tablature is an internationally understood method of reading and writing music for
the guitar. It is not the same nor nearly as difficult as reading standard music notation.

Inside this eBook you will learn how to read Guitar Tablature quickly and easily.

You WILL be playing songs by the end of lesson #1. Once you know how to read “TAB” you can find
tablature sheet music for practically ANY song you want to learn and play it in a matter of

Another aspect of this method that I’ll share with you is how easy it is to read and follow.

Remember, I wrote this with the beginner in mind. My goal was to transform a NON-Guitar
player into a rock n’ roller, overnight.

I have tried and tested this report on hundreds of satisfied students and now I am making
it available to YOU in the form of a downloadable eBook that you could be reading only
minutes from now…

What’s Inside?

Here are just some of the things you will learn in this eBook:


Shane great work, this report is very informative and so easy to follow anyone can DO IT!!!! from a fellow musician thank you for helping bring music into other peoples lives by providing this great starter guide. Even though I can play guitar I simply purchased this to pass along to my members….Please let me know when you come out with part 2 as I
will for sure be purchasing it from you :-) God bless and keep rockin’ Justin

  • How to hold the guitar properly
  • Hand Positioning
  • Using a Pick
  • What is Guitar TAB?
  • How to Read and Play Guitar TAB
  • How to Play a Famous Guitar Riff
  • What are Guitar Chords?
  • Why are Chords Important?
  • How to Play Chords
  • And More…

You will have immediate access to this eBook right after payment! You can download it and read it right from your computer screen, Or print it out!

In literally 5 minutes from now, you could be soaking up this information and be playing songs on the guitar by tonight!

Ultimate Guitar Tabs - Teach Yourself Guitar Overnight


I have so much confidence that you will be playing guitar after you read this report that I am offering a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with “Teach Yourself Guitar Overnight!”

Ultimate Guitar Tabs - 30 days guarantee


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Of course you could keep trying to learn to play the guitar the hard way!

Think of the time and energy you’ll save with “Teach Yourself Guitar Overnight”
Time is your most valuable asset. Can you afford to waste yours?